Waterfront Innovation Centre

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Project Description

This new beachfront office building will represent the next evolution in commercial office development and will reinvent how employees work together in Toronto's rapidly evolving creative and technology sectors. The entire lighting design concept was to “follow the light” by having lines of light guiding the guests throughout the space, creating a sense of connectivity and achieving visibility.


Electrical Engineering

ICT Engineering

Security Engineering

Lighting Design

Final Budget

Approx 13M

Primary Sector

Corporate/Commercial & Mixed Use

Secondary Sector

Parks Streetscapes





Sweeny & Co. Architects

Project Team

EllisDon, Mulvey & Banani Lighting

Staff Members

Eric Cornish

Zdravko Crne

Mike Prsa

Stephen Kaye

Shaili Patel


A single linear source of light was designed to follow you throughout multiple floors of the building, at custom angles to achieve a continuous path of illumination that wrapped around the building. This line of light is also visible from street level, providing an aesthetic glow from the exterior. By lighting the hard surfaces inside, you create depth and make it more open and inviting, defining the materiality of the space. The uniqueness of this project comes with how true the concept remained.
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