Revolutionizing the Lighting Industry to Re-Focus our Passion


Stephen Kaye


Changing the way we work is just one of the many things we’ve learned to adapt to in the past few years. We’ve transformed our physical work environments and created flexible yet effective opportunities for our team, and firm, to continue making forward strides. 


Remaining agile in the market, constantly innovating, and improving our practices has given us the tools to advance our business in a challenging time for many. One of these tools is a cloud-based digital platform that is revolutionizing the lighting industry.   

Mulvey & Banani has always been a leader in the lighting industry and was asked to contribute as a consultant to assist in developing this new tool called Sourcery. Our involvement has enabled us to extend our expertise in consulting to improve industry standards through software design.  

As designers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and enhance the way we work together with clients and suppliers on all of our projects. Having the right products and information easily accessible and readily available can help to improve how we can effectively meet project requirements and exceed design expectations. It is inspiring to see that there are now numerous resources available to help designers elevate our work flow. These resources enable us to compile the necessary data and intellectual property in a simple managed process, allowing us to move seamlessly from project to project while maintaining design excellence."

– Stephen Kaye, MFALD, IALD, Vice President

Having first-hand experience using a resource that was created for our industry, by our industry, has improved our service tremendously by enhancing our digital communication practices with clients, peers, suppliers and internal team members, ultimately reinstating our passion for design and reminding us why we do what we do. 

How we deliver our service is a priority at the core of our company’s strengths, but why we provide the service is to ultimately design spaces that engage people, improve their wellbeing, captivate their senses, inspire their intellect, and create comfort and community. 

In a time when we were all socially distanced, we looked inwards to the Lighting Industry and found a way to connect and inspire us all. We began by finding a smarter way to improve the chain of communication between client, designer, and supplier that would enhance transparency, increase efficiency, and build valuable connections to allow more time to design.