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Boston Consulting Group Canadian Headquarters demonstrates the importance of a work environment that encourages wellness, collaboration, and creativity. A total of 100,000 SF, the schematic lighting program runs throughout the immersive office spaces, from the open offices, case team rooms, convertible private offices, a quiet library and café with individual workstations.     In the center of the office is an open atrium, defined by retro circular lighting fixtures that arch across a stark black ribbed ceiling, reminiscent of a tunnel in a metro station. The tunnel pathway is a stunning display of light and shadow that adds a sense of vastness to the office atrium space.    A significant element was to design adequate lighting that provides opportunities for staff to gather and share ideas in various workstations. Individual workstations frame the atrium with contemporary lighting fixtures comprised of four components that connect covered in a soft, felt texture. The lighting offers comfort and simplicity while providing sufficient lighting overhead.     Along the staircase pathways are horizontal ribbed LED lighting that appear to levitate while functioning as wayfinding for guiding employees and visitors and highlighting the historical timeline displayed on the backwall.  Optimizing lighting in each workstation was a significant factor in the lighting design team’s vision to create balanced agile workspaces. The lighting program exudes profound simplicity while simultaneously amplifying vastness to cultivate a well-balanced work environment. 


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Boston Consulting Group


Ivanhoe Cambridge, Hines

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Adamson Associates, Wilkinson Eyre, CBRE, Mulvey & Banani Lighting, Mulvey & Banani Audio Visual

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Stephen Kaye

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