Paul Boken - BFA, LC, IESNA, Vice President, Mulvey & Banani Lighting

Passionate and fun, Paul “lives to light”, a self-styled expression he uses to convey his enthusiasm for creative lighting design.

Paul is Vice President of Mulvey & Banani Lighting, a subsidiary company of Mulvey & Banani. Together Paul and his team have lit a wide range of very prominent landmarks which demanded big-scale gestures; however Paul is also an exceptional designer for detailed lighting schemes that are integrated with architectural elements. Paul launched Mulvey & Banani’s lighting group in 2009, and has transformed the group into a fully-fledged Toronto-based lighting design consultancy.

Notable Projects

Paul’s portfolio is seasoned and diverse, ranging from key Canadian attractions and landmarks (Niagara Falls illumination Project, Prince Edward Viaduct Illumination, Toronto,  Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Winnipeg, Remai Modern, Saskatchewan, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, St. Catharines) to academic facilties, corporate offices and courthouses (University of Toronto, Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, Deloitte, Toronto and Montreal, Elgin County Courthouse, St. Thomas, Ontario).  Visit