Elgin Country Courthouse

St. Thomas, Ontario

The historic Elgin County Courthouse and Land Registry Office were restored and linked physically together into an expanded complex.

The LEED Gold project involved the restoration of the 31,000 SF existing courthouse, built before Confederation in 1852-53, and a one-storey Land Registry Office, that was completed in 1874 and which is now home of the Elgin County Law Association.

Five different and secure areas of the building were required with safe separation that would accommodate police officers, judges, the public, prisoners and administration areas. Three different levels of security – public, private and secure were navigated to produce a comprehensive system design strategy. One common system was deployed to consolidate security across the 3-building complex.

The melding of heritage and modern parts into an architectural whole presented some hurdles for the electrical system design. Wireless controls were used for the lighting in conjunction with daylight harvesting, photo-cells and occupancy sensors. The electrical and electrically-supported security systems are designed to be robust with plenty of redundancy built in.

Project Size
170,000 SF
Electrical, ICT, and Security Engineering and Lighting Design
Project Completed