Mulvey & Banani

Whether for individual buildings or global portfolios, we are passionate about engineering excellence and quality of service. Mulvey & Banani services Toronto and region, Canada, throughout the U.S. and around the globe.

We are ‘Well Connected’

We surround ourselves with a network of like minded architects and designers, owners/developers, project and property managers who share our spirit and passion for creating remarkable projects and the drive to be successful- together.


Founded on principles of engineering innovation and perpetual learning, Mulvey & Banani’s culture of collaboration provides great opportunities for qualified and enthusiastic individuals. Our office space is modern, vibrant and dynamic, featuring open workspaces that reflect our dedication to the synergistic process.

Interdisciplinary Practice

Mulvey & Banani was formed in 1981 through an amalgamation of two long standing predecessor firms, ‘Mulvey Engineering’ (est. 1955) and ‘A.H. Banani and Associates Ltd.’ (est. 1964). Together firm founders Gerry Mulvey and Husayn Banani laid the foundation for an interdisciplinary firm focused on electrical and related disciplines, introducing IT/Communications engineering to the core electrical engineering service in 1986.

Our People

Mulvey & Banani is under the leadership of a group of dynamic individuals, born leaders who are driven by a vision to succeed.  All disciplines are represented in the ownership and management of the firm.