Celebrating Milestones – New Appointments for 2019

November, 2019

Along with the change in season, every fall MBII celebrates internal promotions, and occasionally marks a succession in leadership. This year is particularly poignant, as myself and Rob Marcuzzi, broaden our roles as President and Executive Vice President respectively, succeeding now Directors, Bob Lymer and Joe Berardi. Both Rob and myself joined MBII not long after graduating from university, and we have never looked back: MBII continues to thrive, the team continues to expand and impress. Rob and I look forward with great anticipation to supporting the unfolding of new directions, further specializations of our services, and continuing to provide impactful engineering services for our clients. A keystone of our business model, MBII and subsidiaries, Mulvey & Banani Audio Visual (MBAV) and Mulvey & Banani Lighting (MBL), promote from within. With great pleasure as MBII’s newly appointed leaders, we announce our 2019 promotions to our valued client and consultant community.  Domenic Bonavota, P. Eng., President


Olumide Joseph, P. Eng.

“Olu” is promoted to Associate of MBII.  Olu is part of MBII’s dedicated tenant fit-up team, where he provides project management across a diverse portfolio of business, restaurant, and tech companies.   Olu has also been dubbed “the lab guy”, a specialization that began with a Research Labs facility for the University of Toronto at MaRs Phase II Discovery district. Olu studied at Queen’s University, where he earned a Bachelor of Engineering and Applied Science in Electrical Engineering.


William Hieratifar, B. Sc. (Eng.) 

William is promoted to Associate of MBII. William is a senior member of MBII’s dedicated Security Engineering team, leading the charge on big scale healthcare, transportation and corporate/ commercial projects.  In progress now: CIBC Square, (Phase 1 and 2), Vancouver Centre I and II, and international airport redevelopments at L.F. Wade International Airport, Bermuda and Kempegowda International Airport – Terminal 2, Bangalore, India. William is a graduate of the University of Texas (Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering). William joined MBII in 2015, after a period spent working at the Baha’i World Center as Head of Fire & Security.


Stephen Kaye, MFA, LD, IESNA, IALD Assoc.

Following his 2018 appointment to Senior Associate, Stephen Kaye becomes Vice President of MBL. Stephen’s passion for lighting design was a natural progression from early career leanings towards the arts and architecture. Stephen’s recent portfolio includes IES award winning University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, as well as the L.F. Wade International Airport Redevelopment, Bermuda, Toronto’s Waterfront Innovation Centre, and the third and final tower in the Bay Adelaide Centre complex, Toronto. Visit mblighting.com


Alan McIntosh, B.A., IALD, MIES 

Alan becomes Associate of MBL. Alan is a master of large scale, logistically complex lighting projects, such as Niagara Falls Illumination, Mega Parc, Quebec City, Prince Edward Viaduct Luminous Veil, Toronto, and Ripley’s Canada.  Alan joined MBL in 2010 after several years working in live theatre/performing arts in a multitude of technical roles including lighting and audio visual/multi-media direction, design and operation. Alan has been instrumental in the growth and evolution of Mulvey & Banani Lighting: mblighting.com


Joel Landsborough, BFA, CTS-D

Joel advances to Senior Associate of MBAV. Joel’s portfolio covers a broad range of sectors including projects such as Seneca College King Campus Expansion, University of Toronto’s John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, Gateway Casinos in Sarnia and Hanover, and several Cineplex Rec Rooms (across Canada).  Joel came to MBAV in 2012 after working in the AV industry entertainment and hospitality sector. Joel has been instrumental in the development of MBAV from its’ origin as a dedicated division within MBII, to the launch of MBAV as a subsidiary company in 2017, providing leadership across all areas of the discipline. Joel is a graduate of Ryerson University – Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance Production.


Domenic Bonavota, P. Eng., is a fourth-generation president who celebrated 18 years with MBII in August 2019.  Continual growth keeps MBII searching for dynamic  individuals to build our multidisciplinary teams. Resumes are always welcome at connect@mbii.com.