Security Engineering

Securing your property, assets and personnel is mission-critical to the success of your project or business. Much more than door locks and intrusion detection, today’s electronic security systems are protocol-based.

A protocol-based security system integrated with a building’s converged  system is the goal of security system design. Whether global, national or regional, multi-site or single site location, access control platforms can integrate with the most advanced security technologies and streamline your operations.


  • Design/ Engineering
  • Access Control and Alarm Monitoring  (ACAM)
  • Video Surveillance and Digital Recording (VS-DR)
  • Duress and panic alert;
  • Intercommunications;
  • Systems Integration;
  • Central Control Systems / Command Centres
  • Intrusion detection
  • Video analytics
  • Asset tracking
  • Patient wandering / Infant abduction
  • Wireless personal duress alert
  • Security and Emergency


  • Condition Assessment/ Due Diligence Reports
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Design
  • Contract Documents
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Administration/ Management
  • Commissioning
  • Peer Review
  • Planning, Design and Compliance (PDC)

Access control (through individual network authentication, badging) provides visitor management and tracking across all enterprise security layers and zones.

IP-based digital video systems provide remote monitoring for individual rooms or public amenities, circulation areas, parking lots, walkways, assets, etc and can be integrated with access control systems, long range, high resolution and thermal imaging, and intelligent video analytics.  Access control and alarm monitoring (ACAM) can be integrated with mass notification systems, and access to elevator for intrusion protection and security events.

Competitive advantage – integration with holistic systems intelligence.

Security systems can exist as siloed systems, but there is another investment level to consider if there is an opportunity to converge the security system with other low voltage systems (electrical, lighting, lighting controls, ICT, and audio visual). Learn More